Vampire Weekend Purrs Out Two New Songs at Roseland
    • MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    This weekend, Vampire Weekend finally ascended the stage at Roseland Ballroom to perform the massively-hyped, Steve Buscemi webcasted concert. The full set is still streaming in loop on the AMEX UNSTAGED YouTube channel, and some kind user took the time to rip the premiere of two new songs from Modern Vampires Of The City (5/14 via XL).

    Now I understand Vampire Weekend has yacht club hipster zealots who will praise the shit out of anything Ezra hums, but the two new songs "Everlasting Arms" and "Obvious Bicycle" (obviously?) are incredibly blah. Maybe it's because today is Monday, but both songs have me dozing at my desk. Listen to both songs below.

    "Obvious Bicycle"

    "Everlasting Arms"

    Watch the full director's cut concert.

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