new music video: hollerado
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2011

    • Posted by: Mindee Anoff

    Back in October we wrote about Canadian indie-rockers and childhood best friends, Hollerado who released a second video for their song "Americanarama" featuring the band energetically performing the track, backed by a group of people in a 4x6 grid of cells dancing, holding up lyrics and bass tab, and fake-playing Pong and Space Invaders with the guys in the band. This video was shot all in one take by Greg Jardin; and for their next go around — the Hollerado guys decided to go with Greg once more. "Got to Lose", also shot in just one take, once again showcases the band's cheeky comedic stylings while front man Menno Versteeg masters choreographed dance moves and drummer, Jake Boyd fully channels Animal in a scene you'd likely see in an indie rock remake of "Singing in the Rain" (sans rain).

    Watch "Got to Lose" below:

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