introducing: givers
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Amidst all the hubbub about Birthers and Truthers, we've connected to an alternative group. Driven by theoretical melody rather than conspiracy, we've opted to side with the Louisiana quintet, Givers. The band's debut album, In Light, is as sonically illuminating as its title.

    Givers present you with a tapas-like sampling the diverse cultural influences of their Deep South setting (not akin to Dirty South). Lead singer/guitarist Taylor Guarisco discovered kindred spirit, and vocalist/percussionist, Tiffany Lamson, while attending University in New Orleans. Guarisco had been long immersed in the New Orleans music flavors, playing in funk, Cajun, and Zydeco groups, and this was fused with Lamson's appreciation for classic rock, soul, and pop.

    After vacating back to Lafayette, due to Hurricane Katrina, the duo adopted drummer Kirby Campbell, keyboardist Will Henderson, saxophonist Nick Stephan, and bassist Josh LeBlanc. The band was picked up after they wowed the Dirty Projectors at a local gig in 2009. They were asked to tag along for the east coast leg of their tour.

    It's no surprise that the Dirty Projectors latched onto Givers. Their ecstatic, Caribbean twang melds with the psychedelic, synth melodies and the sanguine harmonization of the male-female counterparts.

    In Light is available June 7 via Glassnote. Listen to the band's loyalty to sounds of elation in "Up Up Up", as well as the group's American bandstand sing-along, "Meantime".

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    MP3: "Up Up Up"
    MP3: "Meantime"

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