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    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 2009

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    Good things can happen when talented people quit fooling around and get down to what they do best. In Peter Doherty's case, one never knows whether he is back for good or whether he is simply teetering on the line, awaiting the next crash. Nevertheless, when Peter Doherty gets down to doing what he does best, the results are usually pretty amazing. His work with The Libertines and Babyshambles has been well received by fans and music critics alike, and judging by his debut solo effort, Grace/Wastelands it seems like Peter Doherty's life is back on the right track.

    To promote the release of the album's first single, "Last of the English Roses" Doherty has just recorded and released a new video for the song. In it we see a rather dapper looking Doherty, complete with his trademark fedora, wandering around, singing and playing football (or as we North Americans call And going with the "Last of the English Roses" theme, you can click here to enter a contest where the winner will be awarded a dozen dead (dried) roses, along with a signed copy of Grace/Wastelands and a copy of the "Last of the English Roses" single. And if that isn't enough, you can also click here to download an awesome Peter Doherty widget complete with music, videos and artwork. Get busy people! -Greg Lozoff

    Peter Doherty on Tour
    2 May - Polsslag Festival - Grenslandhallen Hasselt, Belgium
    3 May - Rockhal Club - Luxembourg
    5 Jun - Festi 'Neuch - Switzerland
    26 Jun - Peace & Love Festival - Borlange, Sweden
    27 Jun - Glastonbury - Pildon, England
    4 Jul Eurockeennes - Belfort, France
    11 Jul - Oxegen Festival - Ireland
    12 Jul - TITP, King Tuts Arena - Scotland
    12 Jul - TITP, King Tuts Arena - Scotland
    17 Jul - Positivus Festival - Salacgriva, Latvia
    22 Aug - V Festival (Chelmsford) - England
    23 Aug - V Festival (Stafford) - England
    5 Oct Zenith - Paris, France

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    Peter Doherty on Myspace

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