IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

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    Local Natives - "Coins"

    I love this soulful tune from Local Natives off their latest album, Sunlit Youth. It's a sunny, melodic track (and it's definitely one of my favorite newer Local Natives songs) and it's perfect for the warm weather New York is getting this weekend.

    Emily King - "Sleepwalker"

    Sure, this song was released a couple years ago but I recently added it to one of my playlists because it's so good. This New York-born sassy soul singer puts originality and groove into her music and the outcome is too good. There's depth to her lyrics and it's impossible not to dance to this one.

    Gorillaz - "She's My Collar (feat. Kali Uchis)"

    I got really into Kali Uchis after seeing her at Full Moon Festival last summer so I was super excited when I heard she was going to be on Gorillaz' new album, Humanz. This song is romantic in a super creepy way and I love that. I can't wait to play the whole deluxe version of Humanz throughout today.


    Royksopp - "Never Ever"

    I love this song so much. I listened to it on repeat last year and I finally stopped, until I saw the Norwegian duo play at Coachella. They brought a certain energy to the stage that I will never forget. I am still daydreaming about their set now that it's over. "Never Ever" is probably their most popular song because the beat is sick and the lyrics are insanely relatable.

    Grace Mitchell - "White Iverson"

    We got to talk with Grace Mitchell at Coachella before her set and she was the downright coolest gal. This remix is everything. Grace Mitchell has an indie but soulful quality to her voice. Not really something you would expect for this type of song, which is originally sung by singer/rapper, Post Malone.

    Kali Uchis - "Ridin Round"

    I don't know what got me listening to this. Maybe it was that California weather that made me crave this rasta beat. Or maybe it was Uchis' lyrics like, "Ridin round with my car low," that made me think of riding around in a convertible, cruising through Malibu or something. Either way, it's a dope song, sung by a dope queen.


    Mura Masa - "What If I Go?"

    Last weekend at Coachella, I realized something - just how fucking good electronic music is. I've always been into this "sad girl" type of music, you know, Angel Olsen, Mitski, Sharon Van Etten...But this weekend I caught a ton of electronic/pure pop acts like Tove Lo and Royksopp, and one of my favorites was Mura Masa. There's something about electronic music that just sounds so good live - it's loud, fresh, and the bass and powerhouse vocals feel like pure ecstasy when paired together. When people think of electronic shows, they think, "raging EDM! Diplo! Molly! Agressive BROS!" But that's not necessarily the case... Especially at a Mura Masa show. This 20 year old production prodigy perfectly flirts with a "let's get pumped" and "let's chill" vibe, so he appeals to several different audiences - even "sad girls" like me who aren't necessarily there for the bass drops.

    Tove Lo - "Cool Girl"

    And speaking of Tove Lo, like I said, she's another set we caught this weekend, and she was fantastic. She pleased the crowd with all of her hits, "Say It," "Stay High," "Talking Body," and my personal favorite, "Cool Girl." I mean, how can you listen to this song and not feel like a QUEEEEN?

    Flume ft. Vince Staples - "Smoke & Retribution"

    I told y'all, I'm on a real electronic kick right now. I wasn't kidding. So this means that I'm consuming ALL of the electronic music, especially from one of the best modern artists of the genre: Flume. Both his old and new stuff is great, and his own unique style can be identified from a mile away. The dark vibe on this song specifically is bad ass, and Vince Staples kills it on the verses.

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