Baeble Describes Crazy Genres We've Never Heard Of
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Have you ever heard of Danger Music? It's music that, when performed, is supposed to make the performer or audience feel like they're actually in danger. It's so punk. One of the founders of Danger Music, Dick Higgins, wrote a score that required the performer to gouge out their eyeball five years after performing the piece. But it doesn't stop there; other performances include driving a bulldozer through the venue and chopping a dead cat in half. We here at Baeble have never experienced that before, so we decided to go into it blind, without knowing what it's about, and describe what we *think* it is.

    We did this with several exotic genres, including but not limited to Scottish Pirate Metal, Japanoise, Throat Singing, and Nintendocore. How do you describe music that has basically no sound? Well, technically the genre is called Lowercase, which is tiny sounds amplified to the extreme. We didn't know that going in though, so we just thought it was someone's white noise phone app (a common thing for New Yorkers, unfortunately).

    Challenge yourself, dive into these genres with us, and let us know if you were just as confused or if you're a total pro.

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