NOW PLAYING: X Ambassadors Serve Up A Dramatic Dose of Heroics
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 2015

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Last summer Beats ran a dramatic spot during The World Cup that perfectly captured the intensity of the biggest sporting event in the world. Focusing on the passion of the devoted masses, the pressure resting on the athletes shoulders, and the enormity of the moment, the spot tells the story of Gods (both of the religious and sporting variety) and their followers, all while an enormous, stadium-crumbling anthem called Jungle, by X Ambassadors, slams in the background. Its epic.

    Today, were out of our minds excited to present a colossal dose of that very same drama in the form of our newest Garage Gig from the New York State band. Captured during the insanity of last months SXSW Music Festival, concert goers at Empire Garage were treated to an explosive performance. Here, singer Sam Harris prowls the stage, slam dances, climbs stacks of amps, all while belting through four of the bands finest offerings. For their part, the rest of band build mountains of music around Harris, culminating in an eruption of power and emotion during the set defining, Jungle. This is exactly the kind of show that makes us think X Ambassadors might be well on their way to becoming Gods themselves.

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