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    • THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    This week, our tireless video editors in the secret sweatshop have provided us with some divine original content. They continue to slave through our hours of SXSW footage to perfectly piece together Baeblemusic Takes Texas at The Phoenix. The recent chapter of our family vacation takes you on a trip to Austin for The Rural Alberta Advantage's 30-minute, passionate performance. This is followed by, of course, a post-set interview with the band where they discuss their latest album Departing. We then take you to the roof of Baeblemusic headquarters to catch up with The Get Up Kids' Jim Suptic, who tells all about the band's surprise reformation. The Roundup is closed by a glimpse of Converse's music and arts campaign, as well as a rare video of an unreleased Modest Mouse song.

    The Rural Alberta Advantage- Live at The Phoenix- SXSW '11

    The Rural Alberta Advantage have a song about a tornado, allegedly inspired by one of the deadliest storms to ever rip through singer Nils Edenloff's native Province (try and guess which one). There, in the cellar of "Tornado '87", a couple battens down the hatch, though it's evident that their shelter may not survive the swirling black skies above. Their relationship lies on the brink...they might not survive the forces bearing down on them.

    Like the fateful cyclone spinning through this metaphoric tale, The RAA are an impassioned outfit that place a majority of their songs teetering on the same sort of brim. Theirs is a rough and tumble, folk pedigree; a mix of string snapping acoustics, frenetic percussive rhythms, and gravel dusted vocals that draw genuine comparisons to Jeff Mangum's Neutral Milk Hotel as it cycles through. It's an urgent and enthralling approach, as our latest concert video release can attest, with songs like "Stamp", "Muscle Relaxants", and "Drain The Blood" sounding like the could collapse under the weight of the trio's gale force playing at any moment. Yet there, swirling in the madness, clashing against the band's more aggressive tendencies, is both a woozy glow of keyboards and the endearing stories that they seem to hold in their grasp. Somehow, someway, the songs survive...they aren't blown away, though we won't be able to say the same for you in the wake of our latest concert video release captured from Baeblemusic Takes Texas at The Phoenix in Austin last month.

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    The Rural Alberta Advantage- Video Interview- SXSW '11

    After taking the stage at our Baeble Takes Texas Showcase at SXSW '11, The Rural Alberta Advantage took some time to discus both their origins as a band and their most recent album Departing in this exclusive video interview with the band.

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    The Get Up Kids- Jim Suptic- Video Interview

    Just before playing a pair of sold out shows in NYC last month, The Get Up Kids' Jim Suptic stopped by to shiver through an exclusive interview on our rooftop. Touching on both the sensitive surroundings of the band's initial break-up in '05, as well as the circumstances that inspired both a reunion and a new crop of songs in There Are Rules, our conversation with Jim was surprisingly revealing to say the least. I know I was surprised to learn The Get Up Kids were getting back together. Never would have guessed certain members of the band actually felt the same way.

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    Converse "Connectivity" Campaign- "Desire"

    Converse is making efforts to unite The UK's creative culture. They are proceeding with their yearlong "Connectivity" campaign, celebrating the nation's diverse music scenes. Most recently, they recruited a handful of notable musicians to create both an an original song and interactive music video for the campaign.

    "Desire" joins the sultry vocals of Paloma Faith with the Rockabilly guitar mastery of Graham Coxon and Bill Ryder-Jones. A narrative comprised of both film and animation, the music video eerily parallels the darkness of "Desire's" lyrics. Watching the video becomes a unique experience when done so on the Converse website.

    You can download "Desire" and enter the fantasy on

    Watch the full video at

    Modest Mouse- Unreleased Song

    In case you missed it last week: tour Issac Brock's house with an ongoing video series about Portland, where he introduces us to his love of taxidermy and libraries with wheely ladders. At the 7:56 mark, Brock is joined by other members of his band (you may have heard of them, Modest Mouse) to play an as-of-yet unreleased song, perhaps off their next record (whenever that is happening). Check it out below.

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