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    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 2010

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    When we say, prepare your face, we're not kidding. Sleigh Bells is an aggressive, hyperbolic electronic band that doesn't know the meaning of subtlety. Check out this recently recently track from these guys, courtesy of their website.

    Treats, the first album from these bombastic popsters, is out 5/11 via Mom + Pop and MIA's N.E.E.T. imprint. Naturally, the cover (pictured above) surfaced when MIA was overdosing on uppers/taking over Pitchfork's twitter on Monday. I've never seen so many underscores, not to mention yelling (caps being the interweb stand-in for LOUD). Anyway.

    Grab the track for free ninety nine through the link below. UPDATE: Be cautioned, (not so) popular opinion is that these guys sound like a loud, aggravated, sh*tty Dirty Projectors. I didn't think it up, but it does seem like an appropriate claim... judge for yourself. -joe

    Tracklist For Treats

    1. Tell 'Em
    2. Kids
    3. Riot Rhythm
    4. Infinity Guitars
    5. Run the Heart
    6. Rachel
    7. Rill Rill
    8. Crown On the Ground
    9. Straight A's
    10. A/B Machines
    11. Treats

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    MP3: "Tell 'Em" (Treats)
    Sleigh Bells on Myspace

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