Coachella Weekend 2 Highlights
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Weekend 2 of Coachella took place just last week in Indio, CA, and there were so many amazing moments during the desert festival experience, it's hard to keep track of them all. However, we've narrowed it down to the most important highlights of the festival, and as we look back, we're getting all sad that it's over (seriously, I could've handled five more days of 'Chella).

    Lady Gaga

    I've always respected Gaga for her very obvious talents, but I have never been a little monster. After her set though, that might have changed. After running through her set list, we realized that we forgot how many hits she had. Between "Bad Romance," "Telephone," and her latest single "The Cure," there were no slow moments in her set... Except for when she played a stripped-down version of "Edge of Glory" and dedicated it to her friend who was battling cancer. Then we took a moment to stop dancing and start sobbing.


    I mean, do we have to explain why Radiohead was a highlight? They're a bucket list show for many, and with their latest album, A Moon Shaped Pool, it was pretty monumental.


    This performance was Lorde's first full set since releasing new music, so this was another surreal headliner. After hearing the lead single off of her forthcoming album, "Green Light," no one really knew what to expect, but we soon found that everything has changed - she has dancers, a bigger band, more confidence, and more drama than ever.


    And speaking of Radiohead...When I first heard Klangstof's music, I instantly thought, "Radiohead." And so when I had the opportunity to chat with the fun Norwegian boys about their inspirations, I wasn't surprised when they said they were most excited for Radiohead's set that night. Klangstof's set was gorgeous, intense, and somber, unlike their personalities. "I just started gathering synthesizers and recording equipment. So it's been an 8 year process of me just trying to get to know every instrument I owned... I loved the Gear Talk feature we did because I love talking about all of the nerdy stuff going on," frontman/producer Koen Van de Wardt told me while backstage at the festival.

    coachella 2017

    Father John Misty

    And speaking of someone who's only getting better...Another artist who has added more band members is Father John Misty. He took the main stage on Friday night to perform new songs off of Pure Comedy as well as slightly changed versions of older songs. For instance, he extended "True Affection" off of I Love You, Honeybear and it was kind of my favorite moment of the weekend.

    Mura Masa

    Mura Masa was so lit. Every song was a banger, and even though Charli XCX didn't come out for "1 Night" like she did the weekend before, he still delivered massive drops and bangers... we couldn't have asked for a better set.

    Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks brought that bit of garage rock energy that Coachella was missing - or at least it felt like it was, with all of the DJs on the lineup. If you wanted to take a break from all of the bass drops, you'd go see Twin Peaks on the Sonora Stage (which has AC and beautiful artwork all over the walls). It was cool to not only see Twin Peaks and their usual high-energy show, but also take a break from the heat.

    coachella 2017

    Bishop Briggs

    It is so blatantly obvious that Bishop Briggs has an incredible voice, but when I finally saw her live for the first time I was stunned by how much better it somehow was live. There's so much soul and theatrics in her delivery, and while she provides a near-perfect vocal with not a note out of place, she also jumps around the stage like a hyper child who ate one too many pieces of candy. And with all of that jumping, she still sounded great and got the crowd pumped up.

    coachella 2017


    Another band we got to talk to was the Australian psych-rockers, Pond. If you like Tame Impala, I've got good news: you'll probably like these guys too. I got the chance to chat with Jay Watson and Nick Allbrook before their set and when I asked them what fans can expect when they go to see a live show, they said "8 or 9 songs." So there you have it.

    coachella 2017


    Future easily had one of the biggest crowds at Coachella, making it nearly impossible to even get into. And no wonder why he brings in an enormous crowd - his show is a raging party. Who wouldn't want to party with Future?

    Bon Iver

    Bon Iver played a set that was completely different from the first weekend. Instead of basically playing 22, A Million in full, he mixed in a lot of different songs as well, like - you guessed it - "Skinny Love"! In all seriousness though, it was one of the most beautiful sets of the weekend. It was one that you could just sit on the ground and relax to, which is much needed on Friday night when you're body is still adjusting to the temperature shock.

    coachella 2017

    Tove Lo

    Tove Lo is a pop star who knows how to please her crowd. Rocking metallic shorts and a sparkly crop top, she killed it fashion-wise, and she also played all of our favorite songs like "Cool Girl," "Talking Body," and "Stay High." Before playing her collaboration with Flume, "Say It," she teased that he might be there, and the whole crowd started suddenly looking around for the producer. Unfortunately he was not there, but we still screamed along with every last bit of energy we had on the last day.

    The scenery and art

    I mean, besides the music, the scenery really is the next best thing about Coachella. Palm trees, warm weather, the ferris wheel, and surreal desert mountains in the back... It's pretty amazing. Not to mention the art this year was stunning, like the Chiaozza Garden by Chiaozza, Crown Ether by Olalekan Jeyifous, or the classic balloon chain.

    coachella 2017

    Kendrick Lamar

    Another one that's not even up for debate... Of course Kendrick Lamar was a highlight. He always puts on a fantastic show (I've seen him twice already) but this was his best one yet, now that he has songs off of DAMN. on his setlist. This was hands down the most high-energy set of the weekend, and when he came back with "LOVE." for his encore, everyone agreed that there was no better way to bring the weekend to a close.

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