The 'Disney Grunge' of Heyrocco
    • MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    When a band describes their sound as "Disney Grunge," you know they've got a bit of a smart-ass side. And then you hear said single, "Elsewhere," and you know that they've got the young, clever grunge-punk aesthetic on lock. We had to chance to talk with South Carolina punk-pop act Heyrocco about the single, their forthcoming record, and as I expected, Nate from the band is a smart-ass the whole time.

    If your forthcoming debut LP, Teenage Movie Soundtrack, were the soundtrack to an actual teen movie, what kind of teen movie would it be?

    Heyrocco: One where the antagonistic backwards-hat little shit kid prevails. Tony Hawk cameo. Starring Adrienne Shelly.

    You describe your sound as "Disney Grunge" which is definitely a head-turning genre descriptor. What exactly does that mean to you?

    It's our version of the classic rock oxymoron. Led Zeppelin. Iron Butterfly. All the greats had two opposing sounds. Our music is easy listening but still gives you something to be pissed off about. In order to fully grasp the concept though, you'd have to hear Teenage Movie Soundtrack as a whole. Which, until now, hasn't always been a possibility.

    Heyrocco definitely fits in with the sort of grunge-y, punk-poppy, bordering post-hardcore resurgence we've been experiencing the last couple of years with bands like Cloud Nothings and Japandroids. Were any of these garage punk/pop rock band inspirations for you?

    Cloud Nothings were playing loud, fuzzy guitars in a time where not everyone else did, or at least not over actual songs. I think that helped open a few doors. I'm less into Japandroids, though Celebration Rock is a stellar album title.

    Why isn't there a space in your band name, "Heyrocco?"

    Refreshing question. I don't know, cause we're idiots? Ask Radiohead.

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