10 Best Albums To Turn Up To On Spring Weekend
    • MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    It's that time of the year again. After another brutal year of college featuring all nighters of partying, blacking out way too much, and the constant fear of getting caught drinking underage (or holding... chemical enhancers), it's that time of the year when students are mercifully bestowed Spring Weekends where we are supposed to do said mentioned things. In order to celebrate the insane amount of alcohol us collegiates will most likely intake and the fantastic stories we unfortunately will not remember, I put together a list of albums to go absolutely crazy over this weekend while you're doing your first or last college keg stand.

    Yeezus - Kanye West

    A must on any turn up list, this electronic industrial hip-hop album goes harder on the dance floor than any other Kanye album, period. With great dance artists like Daft Punk lending a hand in production, Kanye crafted a classic (yes I said it) album that is not only a political statement but also a bass wobbling, earth shattering sonic masterpiece that will continue to influence every electronic producer on the planet. Don't believe me? Look at Travis Scott and Hud Mo. Those dudes are about to be a lot bigger in a year's time for their energetic music.

    Trap Lord - A$AP Ferg

    He may not be as marketable as A$AP Rocky but the lieutenant of the Mob proved he was more than a sidekick on his major label debut. Trap Lord is a very good album that showcases a variety of influences from the trap to dancehall. While Ferg can be deep at times -- such as the beautiful ballad "Hood Pope" -- he truly shines when he lets loose and just parties super hard. With a sophomore album coming soon, next spring will surely have even more bangers blasting by the mud wrestling fight in that dingy fraternity's backyard.

    Tha Carter III - Lil Wayne

    Does this even need an introduction? This album sold a million in a week after it leaked. Back when Tha Carter III dropped, Weezy was the best rapper alive and for good reason. His verbose explosion on every track made him a feature master and non-stop staple on all radio. While he struggles to release Tha Carter V years later, Weezy can rest assured knowing his legacy has been sealed forever with this banger filled album.

    Blue Dream and Lean - Juicy J

    This instant classic mixtape felt more like an album. Viewed as a comeback, Juicy had been quiet for several years following the downfall of Three 6 Mafia. Ever the hustler, Juicy teamed with young upstart Wiz Khalifa to reinvent himself in the booming trap sound that was only beginning to take over the hip-hop landscape. In his mid-30s, Juicy sounds incredibly young and fresh. He bounces over beats articulately, painting images of debauchery and hedonism that makes me want to do a bunch of things my editor for sure won't publish. After this, you could find Juicy collaborating with everyone from Usher to Katy Perry. He's living the dream.

    good kid, m.A.A.d. city - Kendrick Lamar

    The most recent instant classic album we have is by Kendrick. Before that, the last instant classic album we had was by Kendrick. While he's all in his feels and sh** now about race issues, before he was just a kid from Compton with a whole lot of gang banging and violence behind him. How do you ignore the violent times of everyday life? You drink of course. Kendrick had some aggression to let out on his debut and he did perfectly.

    Teflon Don - Rick Ross

    Rick Ross has for sure fallen off. We all know this, but he used to make bangers. I mean straight up hood bangers. Everyone was behind Ross at one point, but then Young Jeezy came back, but I'm not here to speculate. Ross has quite the imagination. The former parole officer must have been listening to the inmates he watched because he sure can weave a tall tale of drug dealing glory. Regardless of the validity of his statements, his gruff voice and exceptional flow led to one of the best speaker banging albums in recent memory.

    The Massacre - 50 Cent

    Remember when 50 Cent was cool? Of course you do! Dude was the man about 10 years ago. After dropping the classic Get Rich or Die Trying, who would've guessed he would have fallen off as a rapper but become one of the richest businessmen in America? Not me, but at least he left plenty of bangers in his four year run before Kanye dethroned him in the Graduaton versus Curtis battle. The Massacre was not as good as his debut, but the party themed songs definitely are crucial to this ever important Spring Weekend.

    My Krazy Life - YG

    YG may not be the best technical rapper, but he does have a hell of an ear for beats. Trust me, this dude will be around for a long time based off that skill alone. The man is from Compton, just like our boy Kendrick, but he's far more gangster and less apologetic. I mean YG does stand for Young Gangster. I wonder if he will ever drop the Y, but either way with an album produced by the beat making God DJ Mustard -- who has more hits in his short career than Dre did in the 90's -- you knew YG would deliver.

    No Label 2 - Migos

    Another mixtape that felt more like an album. After "Versace" tore up the airwaves people were quick to call the Atlanta trio a one-hit wonder helped by the 6 God Drake. Weren't they wrong! Migos have established themselves as one of the premiere rap groups in music, with a litany of bangers that usually offer up a hilariously gangster and catchy hook that will never leave your memory. With their debut album Y.R.N.: Tha Album expected to drop in June you best believe this summer will be filled with more hits from the trio.

    Watch The Throne - Kanye West & Jay-Z

    Last but not least the most unapologetic 'I'm rich as hell and love to party' album by two of the most famous men in the world. Sure, WTT has plenty of moments of self-reflection and political commentary, but everyone knows the party songs are way better, right?? Imagine having the money to stunt as hard as these dudes do constantly throughout the album. Go ahead. I'll wait. In the meantime, check out biggest rap song of the decade. You will definitely hear this on your Spring Weekend escapades. If not, consider transferring.

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