MP3: Everest
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    Los Angeles rock group Everest is readying their second full-length Ownerless on June 26th via ATO Records. Everest, who have toured with bands like Wilco, My Morning Jacket and Neil Young, definitely show the stripes of the bands they have worked with. The raspy voice of Russell Pollard bodes well with the thick guitar-heavy tracks and gut-pounding drums. Download the new Ownerless track titled "Rapture," which is sure to get you psyched for their new album, and why not, excited for the Mayan rapture too!

    We're always excited to see bands that are able to make a straight up, solid rock song, and on "Rapture" Pollard's harmonies and Jason Soda and Joel Graves' guitar duels conjure the thundering sounds of 70s heavy rock. Download "Rapture" and check out our session with Everest below.

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