Coachella in Photos - Best of Day Two
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Photos by Joe Puglisi

    I took several hundred photos at this year's Coachella Music and Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club, you may have taken the time to peruse them yesterday. But we wanted to highlight a few of the standout shots from each day, with a little more context to highlight the heat of the moment (that's right, Asia style). Check out some of the highlights of day two, and ICYMI, check out day one.

    We got up close and personal with Azealia Banks, nipple-tape and all. She's like a less abrasive/off-putting Nicki Minaj, but with total indie cred.

    The giant flower next to the tents moves up and down, much to the pleasure of anyone nearby on one too many mind-altering substances (we're assuming).

    A wind-swept Grace Potter sounded as good as she looked. Her band obliged with air-tight backup.

    This pretty much sums up everything you need to know about how hard tUnE-yArDs rocked it-- percussive, melodic, tribal rage wrapped up in loops, hooks, and a whole lot of fun.

    Noel Gallagher points in the general direction of where he would like his brother Liam to shove it, during his set with his High Flying Birds.

    James Mercer may have looked concerned at times, but this incarnation of The Shins has never sounded better.

    Feist takes an imaginary shot of tequila during her set at the Outdoor Stage. No photographer was allowed close enough to figure out what she's actually doing.

    Bonny Bear's Justin Vernon peers out at the crowd through the fog of his emotions.

    Playing Where's Waldo? with Jonny Greenwood's face pays off-- we caught a mythical glipse of his profile mid-angsty hair toss.

    The real star of Coachella day two was Thom Yorke's ponytail. Only Yorke could get away with singing a song about the army ("You And Who's Army?") while looking like dressed-up hillbilly (and have people love it).

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