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    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 2011

    • Posted by: Martika Finch

    Oakland, California's Hunx and His Punx is fronted by wild-man Seth Bogart. They stopped by Glasslands this past weekend to share their doo-wop inspired punk music with Brooklyn. The sold out show featured sets by some of California's most influential post-punk bands right now like opener Grass Widow of San Francisco, who played to an already packed audience. The female trio delivered several full-throttle numbers with all members taking turns singing to sonically return in their own tones to one harmony. Also from Oakland California, male and female trio Shannon and the Clams delivered song after song of beach rock soul. Front woman powerhouse Shannon, who also sings and plays bass as one of Bogart's Punx, never lost momentum passionately singing her way into the evening's main attraction.

    By the time the openers had finished, it was already beginning to feel like the sauna that Glasslands turns into during the summer. It was clear that everyone was ready to dance as soon as the Punx began assembling on the stage, despite the sweaty atmosphere. A Bogart clone, clad in leopard tights, made his way on stage to introduce Hunx to the eager crowd. After only a couple of songs, Bogart demanded that the lights be lowered casting a fitting red wine glow over the stage. It took hardly no time for a mosh pit to form in the center of the crowd, which really turned things up.

    Hunx and His Punx played a full set of songs from their Gay Singles LP and recently released sophomore record Too Young To Be In Love. "Lovers Lane" featured Bogart's signature move of climbing up on a stack of amps to croon down into the crowd. When he wasn't scaling equipment, Hunx was dipping and weaving all over the stage in his seemingly custom-made music note bodysuit/tights combination. After returning to the stage for their encore, Bogart harmlessly joked that he was ready to leave. After all, it was a pretty hot performance (in more than one way).

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