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    • TUESDAY, APRIL 27, 2010

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    The Swedish pop star is back with her highly anticipated new album/EP, Body Talk Pt. 1. Who is that, you say? This is your wake up call.

    The revolving door of pulp in America runs the gamut from Lady GaGa (high "art") to Ke$ha (high "Hefty trash bag commercial"). But the world is full of electro-pop and while the folks in Kansas probably don't know anything beyond "Don't Stop", folks like Annie (one of my personal fav solo acts of 2009) and Robyn, a Grammy Award-nominated Swedish pop singer-songwriter.

    Pt. 1 is the first of several planned releases for 2010 (great news!). One of the first of eight to surface, "Fembot", is quirky and wonderful. Although Robyn's tunes are great, they are unlikely to hit as hard as the simpleton tunes the US collective "we" are chortling these days ("Don't Stop", "Boom Boom Pow", I can't go on because my brain hurts). But for those of us who like pop music but hate the chart toppers of the Billboard 200 (I'm looking at you Jason Derulo), Europe consistently provides some great songwriting that the average person will ignore/miss out on. I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen to you, loyal reader. Did I mention Diplo produced this track? It certainly provides more sustenance than the dreary drivel of "Blah blah blah", but I suppose in today's over-saturated music industry, consumption is at an all time high. You can have your Ke$ha and eat it too.

    Just don't forget there is healthier stuff out there. Body Talk Pt. 1 is out 6/7 via Konichiwa/Interscope. -joe

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    MP3: "Fembot" (Body Talk Pt. 1)
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