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    • TUESDAY, APRIL 27, 2010

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    Two years after Crystal Castles burst onto the music radar with their self-titled debut, the synth duo is back with their sophomore effort (also) entitled Crystal Castles.

    The blogs have been whispering about the LP for awhile now, and even though it was originally slated for a June release, due to some internet leakage, the date jumped way forward (a common theme these days). "Doe Deer" was released as an exclusive 7" on record store day, but the official lead single is the guaranteed Urban Outfitters hit "Celestica". Like the singles from their debut "Vanished" and "Crimewave", "Celestica" is noticeably less experimental and prime territory for buzz-making remixes galore. Crystal Castles (part 2) is noticeably darker than their first go around, littered with industrial ash and anxious electro loops.

    The duo's debut was pretty much universally adopted by electro lover and mainstream indie crowds alike, even scored them some prime commercial spots. For part two, the scenster snark has been exchanged for a more jarring and throbbing baseline, giving the record an overall nervous vibe. And even though the electronic tastemakers these days seem to be more focused on the lo-fi reverb darlings of the moment, the Crystal Castles have the beloved wild child Alice Glass out front, and that's a chip worth playing no matter where the soundscape strays.-amelia trask

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    MP3: "Celestica" (Crystal Castles)
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