imogen heap set to release new album, ellipse
    • MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2009

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    If you have been wondering what has happened to the soft-voiced electro-pop star, who is responsible for creating the immensely popular "Let Go" and "Hide and Seek", along with a host of other beauties, wonder no longer. Imogen Heap, who a few years ago was all over the place, but has since relinquished her place in the spotlight, has been far from idle in her absence from the public eye. In the years since her last release, Speak For Yourself, Heap has been working diligently on what will be her third studio album, which will be called Ellipse. The album will hit stores on August 18, and if you were wondering what it would sound like, Heap has been posting video blogs in which she discusses the progress of the album, as well as plays samples of songs from the album. Her latest video blog post is the 38th in the series, so if you haven't been keeping up, you've got some work to do. The other 37 video blogs can all be found on Youtube if you've got a "heap" of free time. -Greg Lozoff

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