Watch Kali Uchis 'Get Up' in Haunting New Video
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    Kali Uchis' latest album Isolation was released a couple of weeks ago, and in just 13 songs, the Columbian soul-pop artist managed to make her mark on the music world. Blending pop, jazz, and R&B through a spectrum of colorful, romantic production, the 10th track on this album, "Get Up", has just been given an ethereal if slightly creepy video to go along with it. Through a house dripping with diamond chandeliers, silk, and blood red lighting, Uchis dances and sways her way through, murmuring, "I want to go where you want to, I want to go where you want to go," her hands and voice moving like a snake charmer.

    Isolation was Uchis' debut album, and successfully established her as someone to watch out for in the coming years as the forefront of pop music. Tricks of the light continue to play through the video - Uchis dances with a crystal ball and watches her shadow twist and play in the light against a single pink rose. The end of the video sees her dancing in a garden in the rain with few cares in the world. This kind of ethereal, sexy imagery encapsulates exactly the feel of "Get Up" and Uchis as a whole: mysterious and beautiful, with just a hint of something darker underneath.

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