BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Favorite Color Is Blue' (Robert DeLong and K.Flay Live In Texas)
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    A few months ago, we featured "Favorite Color Is Blue," the latest collaboration from producer Robert DeLong and singer/rapper/producer K.Flay, as one of our In Our Ears picks. So naturally, when we discovered the new live version of the song, filmed during K.Flay's show in Texas, we fell head over heels in love. The simple video shows DeLong especially is in rare form - not behind his massive machine of game controllers and drums, but in front on stage, holding a mic. The two have a clear chemistry as they bounce back and forth on stage with high energy, clearly loving every moment of the performance.

    "Sort of last minute, K.Flay and I realized that we would be in Texas at the same time giving us the rare gift of performing 'Favorite Color Is Blue' live together for the very first time," DeLong told Baeble. "The entire experience was a blast. Getting to party with her on stage was something else... it was so easy to get caught up in the moment with her vibe that the song felt like it performed itself. I wish we could do that every night - there is something uniquely special about getting two performer/friends on stage together."

    Also watch our Bands + Brews session with Robert DeLong:

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