Beyonce Wants To Pay For Your College Tuition
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, 2017

    • Posted by: Katie Pedernera

    It seems like things are starting to look up for 2017. There have been countless charities and benefits started by artists who are seeking to help women as things begin to crack down on our basic health rights. In celebration of the one year anniversary of Lemonade, mother of us all Beyonce is here to help young women achieve their goals by starting a scholarship program available to women studying creative arts, music, literature, or African-American studies. It's no secret that Beyonce constantly donates to those living impoverished areas, victims of natural disasters, and now she is focusing her attention to women's education.

    This is important scholarship because it focusing on women who are pursing art in whatever medium it takes. Artists are constantly struggling to get their full education at schools that specialize in the arts because let's face it, art schools are a lot more expensive than public colleges. Her website states the scholarships are designed to, "encourage and support young women who are unafraid to think outside the box and are bold, creative, conscious, and confident." There is more information on her website about the scholarship itself and which schools have been selected.

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