Sonic Youth Share Psychedelic Unreleased Material
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Sonic Youth can be a bit of a hit or miss band. For every Daydream Nation, you get a lesser record like EVOL. And ever since the ugly divorce of founding members Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, it was looking like we'd never get a chance to hear new material from the band (with the exception of the White Stripes which were founded after Jack & Meg's divorce, bands with married partners that leave each other rarely get back together).

    And while it still doesn't look like we're getting new material from the band any time soon, Sonic Youth are releasing some old material that was recorded after the EVOL sessions, though, thankfully, the first single outstrips anything from that particular record. The band is releasing an album called The Spinhead Sessions of unreleased tunes from a soundtrack they did in the late 80s, and the first track, "Theme With Noise," is a turbulent, minimally psychedelic instrumental journey and an unexpected Sonic Youth album could be a real treat for old school noise rock fans in 2016.

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