Iggy Pop and Josh Homme Are Electric On Kimmel
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Iggy Pop and Josh Homme made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night to amp up the national airwaves with a track off the album Post Pop Depression entitled "Sunday." It's an angry track, filled with spite meant for spectacle, and it's hard not to feel that along with Iggy as he goes on a remorseful tangent about seeing the worst in people.

    His intelligently grimy character has been re-awakened by Post Pop Depression, and it's clear from this performance that he's still fueled by that strung-out dynamic that's been within him since the beginning. Like a creature from another planet, he's begging for escape in his disoriented singing as his dead stare continually freaks people out.

    It's a track that packs as much snarling fervor as Iggy keeps on providing, and his usual sloppy and hellbent performance sounds as good as ever accompanied by Homme's bitter blues twang. Iggy somewhat adhered to the group's dress code, in his own authentic way, as he packed a very expressive performance complete with his quirky and unnerving interactions while on stage.

    Homme and Pop's new setup is jam-packed with action, and certainly holds its weight on national TV; The two musicians have a certain groove about them when they work together that comes in full force in any of their performances. Homme's awesome guitar playing demands not to be overshadowed by Iggy's iconoclastic presence, and as a duo things simply fall into place fully.

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