Baeble Blue Chips: The Fiery Electro Rock of American Wolves
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    American Wolves are a four-piece group rock outfit fusing shredding guitars and thudding EDM with ambitions that soar high, and they've had an extremely warm reception to their debut track, "Part of Me." After moving from Brazil to Rhode Island, American Wolves frontman Rod Pires found the local music scene around him to be lacking, and took it upon himself to garner a following for his own name to inspire nearby acts and fans to create a movement in and of itself within the music community. They have big plans following a tour headlined by Escape The Fate to keep up studio releases as a band who found nearly overnight success in the United States in such a sweeping debut single. Their sound, which blends elements of hard rock with EDM styles to create anthemic choruses and heavy rhythms, can be heard in "Part of Me," and that momentum is sure to continue in coming releases.

    What inspired the group to incorporate elements of EDM music to blend into the mix of heavy guitars and harder rock?

    American Wolves: We're huge fans of what makes up electronic music, the infinite sound possibilities. Adding the electronic element into our mix of heavy guitars allowed us to take our sound to a whole new level and direction.

    How does it feel to see your debut track in the US garnering so much traction, and how will that lead to American Wolves' momentum for songwriting and live acts in the future?

    It feels amazing. It means that people are connecting to our music. As an artist, when you create a piece of art that makes people feel, you've done your job correctly. I believe the support and traction we're gaining will continue to inspire us to write great songs, and keep touring to meet fans.

    Are you enthusiastic about going all in on tour, and what about touring do you find the most rewarding?

    It is not like us to settle for doing the minimum that will get us by. We give our best and work from the heart; keeping each other hopeful. We are a band of passionate individuals who believe we are exactly where we are suppose to be. Despite the many challenges that arise on tour, there is always growth and meaning to be found in the face of our adversity. I, personally, find it most rewarding when I have the opportunity to listen to people speak about what they are passionate about, along with any connection they may have with American Wolves. At the end of the day, I want to have loved others well.

    What influences did the band's members have when you guys were first trying to find your voice as a band?

    We we're influenced a lot by 30 Seconds To Mars who have overcome numerous obstacles as a band for the love of the music. A band like them taught us to trust our instincts and fight for what we believe in.

    What sort of changes did you make transitioning from previous musical projects when you were forming American Wolves?

    We began paying closer attention to ourselves. We began reflecting more, on the things that we did right, on the things that we didn't do right, so we wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

    Where do things go from here for American Wolves? Can we expect new tunes in the near future?

    From here, things can only go up for American Wolves. We will continue playing shows and writing, and you guys should expect new tunes in the very near future.

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