New Music Video: Kanye West
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Despite having a song called "H.A.M." (short for "hard as a motherf***er" for all the squares in the room), Kanye West doesn't really go hard all that often. He's never wanted to prove he's a gangster and that's pretty much what we've always loved about him. He's always had grander ambitions than pseudo-macho posturing. Still, when Yeezy decides to throw down, you get some of the angriest, heaviest hip-hop out there and at no point do you want to question Ye's authenticity cause he rarely takes the gloves off like this. On West's latest single, "Way Too Cold" (previously known as "Theraflu"), he's got something to get out of his system and a new music video for the track (which is not the official video for the song) somehow manages to work despite its ridiculousness.

    Much like with "Monster" or "Crack Music," Yeezy's pissed (mostly about his relationship with Kim Kardashian), and he spits intellectual venom all over the rest of the rap scene (except for a weird shout out to Wiz Khalifa). I'm not really sure what the music video is about though honestly. You've got a little kid lip-syncing all of Kanye's rhymes while he's chaperoned by a statuesque blonde model. Simultaneously, dudes in masks of former Presidents cause a ruckus through the streets of New York. It's an awesome video, but the thematic statement of director Ashley Smith is without question a little on the oblique side.

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