introducing: cults
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    There's something indisputably charming about male-female musical duos. Maybe it's some form of a subconscious, hormonal attraction. Perhaps it quenches our voyeuristic desires of witnessing the relationships of others. No matter what drives your specific interest, these gendered twosomes continue to emerge, and they do so with great praise. Indie music's latest edition of the performing marriage, Cults, has invaded our iTunes playlists like a loveable pandemic. They accidentally stirred bloggy radars when they put a few songs on the artist platform Bandcamp. Most recently, the duo consisting of former NYC film students (and dating couple) , Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, announced the June 7 release of their self-titled debut album (cover art pictured above).

    With Madeline wielding the mic, Cults elicit the rhythms of Motown girl bands like the Shirelles, which are intriguingly melded with Brian's modern synth-pop tones. The couple justifies that their interest in 60s soul stems from their contrasting musical backgrounds. Madeline grew up listening to punk, whereas Brian was a fan of psychedelic surf rock. Somehow, this formula resulted in a partnered support of the classic pop genre.

    Cults possess sonic and stylistic qualities of an appealing blend of some of today's prominent, gendered duos. While the couple resembles the lovey, synth harmonization of Mates of State, they equally embody the 60s mystique of The Kills. Madeline and Brian may be a bit more approachable than the sexually aggressive Mosshart and Hince, but they share the veiled personas as the couple elected to keep their personal lives hidden from the limelight (as so many celebs attempt).

    Considering the widespread buzz that only four Cults songs have generated, it's difficult to imagine that their 11-track LP will be anything but profound. Below, you can sample the upcoming release with it's first single, "You Know What I Mean".

    Cults partnered with Adult Swim to produce the music video for their song "Oh My God". Madeline goes "Gaga" with an interesting array of costumes. Maybe her stylist is a ballon-animal enthusiast.

    Directed by Patrick Hoelck, Emma Roberts teamed up with Dave Franco (Jimmy's little bro), to create the music video for Cults' "Go Outside".

    Cults is available June 7 via Lily Allen's Columbia imprint In the Name Of.

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