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    • MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010

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    Um, OK. This weekend MIA continued her reign of political (kind of?) terror, one of our favorite Baeble concert artists of the year is gearing up to play some big stages, and a certain four letter band played SNL, much to the confusion of people who know them for their singles. FILL IN THE BLANKS!

    • MIA released a new video for her song "Born Free". More of the "USA as some sort of fear mongering antagonist", blah blah fascism. It's kind of NSFW, but to be honest, most of the violence is stuff you've already seen in the movies. The real violence will hit when the Ginger Kid hears about this specific kind of genocide...
      UPDATE: See it in the full blog post.

    • Passion Pit is set to open for Muse in the fall. Following their successes of '09, including two huge Summerstage shows (one we filmed), Passion Pit will open for Muse this fall. Let's hope they get into the groove of playing arenas, because that's where they might be exclusively playing in the future. [via Pitchfork]

    • MGMT played SNL. Just having heard "Flash Delirium", you can just imagine how this went. See for yourself:
      "Flash Delirium":

      "Brian Eno":

    Gangsta! OK first one to make it to Friday wins a trip to the month of May! (hint: everyone wins).

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