The Menzingers Rented World
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2014

    • Posted by: Devin Granados

    Out of the furnaces of Scranton, Pennsylvania, The Menzingers emerged as a victorious representation of pop punk at its un-commercialized finest. With the 2012 release of their third album On The Impossible Past, The Menzingers took a momentous step for both the band's career and modern punk. After such a successful third album, they had some major new obstacles to deal with and quite the reputation to uphold. In the wake of their last record's achievements, Rented World has been imbued with arguably detrimental prosperity.

    Up until now, The Menzingers have embodied raw punk rock especially when their wailing and angsty lyrics were shouted over ska reminiscent guitar, they were the definition of under-produced at its finest. Now take Rented World, which despite its ability to retain the prodigal punk sound, is lacking some mysterious factor that pushed The Menzingers past the limits of pop punk. The Pennsylvania punksters have boasted some admirably grimy lyrics, leading me to suspect that for them cleanliness, should be next to ugliness. Perhaps they've lost their way as many bands do when they are hot on the heels of what could be the highlight of their career, but the organized production quality of their fourth album is a new road that I'm not gonna be able to follow them down.

    Not to say the album doesn't have its strong points; the catchiness of their single "In Remission" is undeniable. They also keep the same variety and pace on their album that made their previous works so attractive, from hyper, fast-paced guitar licks to melancholy finger picking. "Nothing Feels Good Anymore" builds from a feeling of confined depression to straight out livid frustration at life — it makes me feel like I should go stomp around New York City on a rainy day and yell at anyone with even a hint of a smile. As sour as that sounds, when I to listen to slightly depressing pop punk, I better be inspired to fuck some shit up, even if it happens to be as petty as someone else's day. With a preliminary track titled "I Dont Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore" maybe The Menzingers are trying to tell me something about my behavior whilst listening to punk music

    Rented World is out now on Epitaph. Get your copy here.

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