Anthony Bourdain Voices Disdain for EDM
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Cool kid cross-hairs seem to be pointed on EDM performers and fans this week. After Win Butler's Coachella shout out to "all the bands still playing actual instruments" during Arcade Fire's set, a new clip from Anthony Bourdain's CNN show Parts Unknown showed the celebrity chef expressing his disdain for the "douchey" culture. During an episode in Las Vegas, Bourdain sat down with famed magician Penn Jillette where they discussed the EDM invasion in sin city that's pushing traditional acts out of the spotlight. And while we most certainly agree that there's a supreme douche factor to EDM and especially its rabid fan base, it's a bit difficult to pity the acts that they're reportedly conquering. Is anyone really pining for Wayne Newton or Celine Dion performances besides the cute couple with matching jazzy scooters? Maybe Vegas is actually onto something...Perhaps like prostitution, we should only make it legal to host an EDM laser light show in Nevada...

    If you're wondering what kind of music Anthony Bourdain enjoys more than EDM, he has a pretty kick-ass list of favorites including The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Curtis Mayfield, Roxy Music, and The New York Dolls. Check out the list he shared with Rolling Stone.

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