The Voice: Goodie Mob Reunion, Juliet Simms Still In It
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Whoa, who has been watching NBC's The Voice? I know it's just another soul-sucking vacuum of a glorified talent competition/paycheck for tired celebrities/platform for brand-sponsored circle-jerks, but two really cool things happened last night. One, Cee Lo Green's Alma Mater (in a way), the Atlanta troup Goodie Mob reunited and performed a new single. We say "performed" loosely, because Green is the only one who looked like he was actually doing anything, but we love Cee Lo and his little t-rex arms, so here we go!

    And two, earlier this year we noticed a familiar face among the contestants-- Florida's natural talent Juliet Simms, the chick from our Automatic Loveletter session. In celebration of the fact that Simms is still in it to win it (she's one of the final eight after an elimination round almost knocked her out last night), check her out making a ruckus in the Guest Apartment with those pipes.

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