new music video: ruby coast
    • MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    The first music video from their newest album Whatever This Is, Ruby Coast have released a winter wonderland visual accompaniment to their song "Made To Change". From Humble Mania artists, the video features a figure skating interpretation of the track, intercut with 'artistic beauty shots' of some random geese. Surprisingly, the compiled result actually makes for quite a charming video. "Made To Change" definitely showcases the more magical side of chilling tundra, highlighting the calm and pristine geese-strewn setting with a fun winter-land activity.

    This picturesque gem of nature, complete with fresh, powdery snow and softly smiling figure skaters almost seems like a scene you would stumble upon in Narnia. But truly, the video does an excellent job of correlating visual movement along with the song's pacing, culminating in a reptition of an impressive figure-skating lift as the song charges through the final chorus. The full effect is pleasantly peaceful as it softens the song's jittery energy with an engaging aesthetic.

    Whatever This Is is available for free download now on Ruby Coast's bandcamp, and you can check out the new music video for "Made To Change" below.

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