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    • MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    It seems silly to start off Monday morning with a band called Weekend, but perhaps their drowsy-eyed remix is exactly how you're feeling. In addition to announcing the May 17 release of their single, "End Times", Weekend has released a Speculator remix of their Sports track, "Coma Summer". Grab it below.

    Though it's stated to be a "remix", Speculator's manipulation of "Coma Summer" differs from the standard expectations. The clamor and aggression that had echoed from Weekend's garage is tamed to a nearly unrecognizable level. The rumbling rhythms are drowned in an ocean of static, kind of like your motivation before that first cup of coffee.

    [Ed. Note: Apologies about the picture. Thanks to Shaun from the Weekend for stopping by and pointing out we had the wrong shot.]

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    MP3: "Coma Summer (Speculator's Subconscious Mix)"

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