introducing: smoke fairies
    • MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2011

    • Posted by: Martika Finch

    British folk duo Smoke Fairies make music as mystical as their name. Songstresses Jessica Davies and Katherine Balmire are best friends who craft spot-on melodies that tranverse weaving guitar chords. Back in their homeland, they released a few singles prior to their British debut and were introduced to the American public with their 7" Gastown/River Song through Jack Whites's label Third Man Records. Upon first listening to Smoke Fairies, White offered to both produce and play drums on their first full-length album.

    In White's Nashville studio along with his fellow Dead Weather/Raconteur bandmate Jack Lawrence, Smoke Fairies crafted eleven haunting folk ballads for their U.S. full-length debut Through Low Light and Trees. The album was produced by Head, who has also worked with PJ Harvey among others. In a slightly more upbeat number "Hotel Room" xylophones create a background layer to the jazz-esque guitar riffs. Get a free download of the MP3 below. Make sure to also grab a copy of Through Low Light and Trees out on June 14.

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    MP3: "Hotel Room"

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