Calexico Video For 'Falling From The Sky' Features Strange Worm And Jose Gonzalez
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Calexico is an interesting band. With an excellent new LP, Edge of the Sun, out, their new video for "Falling From The Sky" is getting a lot of buzz. Featuring famed musician Jose Gonzalez, the video is most likely the most uncomfortable four minutes you will spend today. Gonzalez acts as a caretaker of sorts for what appears to be a worm like creature with a complexity of emotions. The worm is constantly wigging out, probably because it knows it is a giant worm. Gonzalez makes sure to hide it from the public eye because, seriously, it is a freakishly strange monster. My mother taught me not to treat others different because of how they look but this is no human, and this sh** is scary.

    We can expect another video with Gonzalez soon as this video is labeled part one. It's nearly a shame that the video is so shockingly out there that it almost overtakes the music. A beautifully written song, "Falling From The Sky" shows what Calexico does best. With synth lines floating perfectly behind a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, the song keeps a perfect pace. The horns punctuate the end of lines, bringing a nice energy that is unmistakably Calexico. Singer Joey Burns is asking the hard questions as the chorus questions, "Where do you fall when you have nowhere to go?/Where do you go where you have no one to see?/What do you see when you have nothing to feel?/What do you feel when you're all alone?" Maybe that's what the worm is thinking as it constantly acts out like a naughty pet. Either way, the song is a masterpiece and the video may actually be one too. I'm still too weirded out to decide yet.

    Check out the video below and also peep our session with the band from 2009 at The Guest Apartment. Pick up their latest album here.

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