Finally Learn Sigur Ros Lyrics - Or Not
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 2013

    • Posted by: Dorit Finkel

    Sigur Ros released a lyric video for their gorgeous and haunting single "Isjaki" off Kveikur (out 6/18), which is a vast improvement over the fan-made Sigur Ros lyrics guides, like this one for "Hljomalind." Granted, that song is in Hopelandic, Jonsi's made-up universal language that yes, usually sounds like extensive variations of "orange juice."

    I love the idea of learning Icelandic through lyrics videos, but I'm pretty sure they got the lyrics to the first verse wrong. It should probably read:

    "The way I see arm hair
    Your vase say, 'Arthur'
    Yeah, we saw mall tar:
    Minty and dark."

    And the second verse (starting at 2:23) should say:

    "So quaky rain, yeah
    Here, quaky earth, yeah
    No quaking milk bar
    Bran is Dan now, Laura"

    But, you know, everyone makes mistakes.

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