Stream: Fiona Apple
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    If you're going to make your fans wait more than seven years for a new song, your comeback single had better be a hell of a track, and Fiona Apple has risen to that challenge and then some. The lead-off single from her forthcoming The Idler Wheel (I'm putting an embargo on ever typing out that entire album title unless I'm reviewing the LP itself), "Every Single Night" is a doozy. Channeling her inner Joanna Newsom (with a much more bearable voice than Newsom for those who find her voice to be an acquired taste), "Every Single Night" couldn't be more removed from the dripping sexuality of "Criminal" or even the sounds of Tidal in general. It's a slow-burning jazz stunner that will grow on you with every listen. Anticipation for The Idler Wheel is apt to reach a fever pitch.

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