Watch Franz Ferdinand Give You a 'Glimpse of Love' in New Video
    • MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    Indie-pop outfit Franz Ferdinand released a video today for the track "Glimpse of Love" off their latest LP Always Ascending released in early February. The album was a definite step away from "Take Me Out" and a step towards the future, more LCD Soundsystem than Interpol. "Glimpse of Love" is an almost Alex Cameron-esque sleek ‘80s jazz-pop tune filmed in a suburban house while the camera cuts to shots of sheep milling around the backyard periodically as singer Alex Kapranos intones, "a flash / a glimpse of perfect abs", singing about Tinder.

    "Glimpse of Love" is a satire on dating app romance- "I need love so someone better bring me a photographer" Kapranos croons in dark harmony like he's sounding the death toll for modern romance. The piano plunks along as synths whine menacingly in the background and Franz Ferdinand perform their best boy band impression, putting makeup on each other, hanging out in a bathroom, bopping to synchronized dance routines and wearing cheesy ‘80s-print button up shirts. They shake their booties and pet dogs as the song dips into a sax solo and the doleful story of kids these days, swiping right and left. The final shot is a piece of Swiss cheese with the holes placed carefully over the heads of each band member so you can just see ‘em peeking out through the cheese. Fantastic stuff.

    Franz Ferdinand is touring this summer and early fall through America and Europe, dates can be found here. Always Ascending is available on all streaming platforms now.

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