PREMIERE: Miniature Tigers' 'Oblivious' Lyric Video
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 2014

    • Posted by: Devin Granados

    Brooklyn-based group Miniature Tigers is crossing artistic mediums in their new lyric video for "Oblivious". The video features old school graphics of some apparently oblivious LEGO-like characters wandering about a rather dysfunctional house. Guitarist Algernon Quashie took it upon himself to delve into a little bit of 3D animation for the construction of the video, and stated, "I've been really inspired by digital and 3D art in this stage of my life. I used a program called Cinema 4D to build the characters, scenes, and to animate them. Then some post processing in After Effects." To check out more of what he means, take a peek at his personal tumblr.

    The contents of the lyric video are meant as a metaphor for the actual song, which undoubtedly expresses some identifiable sentiments on relationships. Quashie explained, "The theme of the video came from the song's title. It's pretty much one person being oblivious to another person's issues, being that the house is becoming alive while the other doesn't realize."

    Miniature Tigers fourth full length LP, Cruel Runnings is set for release on June 17th, and will feature this catchy synth single "Oblivious".

    Purchase "Oblivious" on iTunes here, and keep an eye on further updates by following Miniature Tigers on Twitter and liking them on Facebook.

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