Jimmy Kimmel Conducts Hilarious Coachella Experiment
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2013

    • Posted by: Madison Murphy

    This year's Coachella brought some unforgettably flared up acts to the Californian desert. But with epic line ups comes not-so-epic audience members, in the form of "Bro-chella" dudes and empty-minded girls running around with flower crowns purchased at Urban Outfitters.

    And while these crowds tend to painfully annoy the faithful fans, they also serve great comedic relief. Jimmy Kimmel conducted "Coachella 2013" on a segment of his "Lie Witness News", where said fans can be seen relishing over "Shorty Jizzle and the Plumber Cracks" and the very innovative, new sound of "The Obesity Epidemic".

    Oh, and if you were wondering, Coachella is definitely the American Indian word for "dumb white guy."

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