FIDLAR Refines Riotous Surf Rock at Hype Hotel
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Photography By Jesse DeFlorio

    FUCK IT DOG LIFE'S A RISK, better known by their abreviated stage name FIDLAR, is a group of four dudes from Los Angeles who somehow find time to create and perform rousing electric rock tunes in between their busy schedules of drinking tons of beer and partying like absolute mad men (and not those classy bros on AMC). According to Brandon, Max, Zac, and Elvis their influences lie in their favorite malted beverages, and hearing songs from their self-titled debut like "Cheap Beer", "Cocaine", and "Whore", we're offered little thematic surprise. But what's unexpected from this group of maniacal animals is their sheer musical talent. Ripping through some of the most provocative guitar solos we've heard in years, these guys prove that snorted stimulants are much more favorable than weed when developing a unique reinvigoration of surf rock.

    Hear the most riotous act that invaded Hype Machine's Hype Hotel provide beautifully succinct song intros like "This song's about LSD because we love LSD," and "This song's about how much rehab sucks."

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