the guest apartment: plants and animals
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2010

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    According to Plants and Animals' guitarist/vocalist Warren C. Spicer, this week's installment of the Guest Apartment is "kind of like a Back to the Future moment...when the Iranians come (they were Libyans, actually)...but more subtle". An appropriate comparison, considering the thought that zipped through our minds when the trio of Montreal musicians arrived at Baeble's front doors last week was, "Oh, my God, they found us. I don't know how, but they found us." Never steal Plants and Animals stockpile of plutonium people! Just don't do it!

    But let's take it back to the present before we get carried away with Back to the Future. Plants and Animals: Warren C. Spicer, Matthew 'the Woodman' Woodley, and Nicolas Basque. The always eccentric band just released La La Land; their loudest, toughest, and most cohesive album to date this past Tuesday. Here, the trio turn in a couple acoustic takes from that album, with affable results. "Game Shows" is warm and easygoing in it's coat of harmonies, bubbly electric accessories, and mellow percussive brushings. Changing speeds, the trio turn in a more exotic sounding traveling song titled "Kon Tiki", complete with the kind of back story that'll probably incite a little jealousy on the viewers part. "Those days off on tour can be some of the most enjoyable activities", recollects Spicer. It's a sentiment we can absolutely relate with. We kind of feel the same way any time a band of this caliber comes to visit us at the Guest Apartment. - David Pitz

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    The Guest Apartment: Plants and Animals

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