t.g.i. mixtape 56
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2010

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    This weeks Mixtape reminds me of a giant desert sunset. Naturally, I Googled "giant desert sunset" to generate this mixtape. I know what you are thinking: Great Googling, Joe! Solid effort! Thank you for not talking about Glee again! I was worried! Anyways, I'm like a giant desert sunset this week: I speak for myself (huh?). Let's get shut up, and listening.

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    1. "All To All" - Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
    Whats-her-face may not be Emily Haines or whatever, but this track is DOPE, as Raaaaaaaandy would say. This is my impression of getting my [REDACTED] during a Broken Social Scene song. Kevin Drew is a _________!*

    2. "Celestica" - Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (II)
    Exactly what you'd expect from the second self-titled (huh?) record from Crystal Castles. Plenty of confusion. No room for wall-huggers. Get dancing.

    3. "Canteen" - Inlets - Inter Arbiter
    A great display of Inlet's technical prowess on the guitar, not to mention harmony skillz, all in a weird, fantastical way. This is not your Mom's folk-songs. Inlets will haunt your daydreams.

    4. "USA Boys" - HEALTH - ::DISCO2
    Um, not much to say about this Trent Reznor produced banger, other than it is the perfect marriage of HEALTH weirdos and dance floor glory. That riff has been stuck on my brain for a week now.

    5. "Heaven's On Fire" - The Radio Dept. - Clinging To A Scheme
    Hold on gang, let's lighten the mood with a little catchy pop-rock I've been sitting on. "Fire" just makes you want to la-la-la yourself all the way home.

    6. "Afraid Of Everyone" - The National - High Violet
    This cut off High Violet took me by surprise by being six-billion times more interesting than I thought High Violet was going to be, ever. PS this is the original inspiration for desert sunset. You'll see why. It could also pass for "lonely drive at night", or "gloaming in the tree house". And yet, I want to go to there.

    7. "Hard As Nails" - Peter Wolf Crier - Inter-Be
    From an album that was born on a single summer night when Peter Pisano felt a torrent of creativity after what had felt like a dry spell, this song is another great reason why Minneapolis-based duo Peter Wolf Crier's new album Inter-Be will be one of the more exciting debuts of the year.

    8. "Faded High" - GAYNGS> - RELAYTED
    Not sure about the name just yet, but the first song to surface from GAYNGS' new album RELAYTED is an icy, cool rush to the head indeed. The collective features folks like Solid Gold, POS, Justin Vernon, The Rosebud's Ivan Howard, and members of Megafaun. All told, the band brings 24 members to the party, and is dropping the record on May 11th via Jagjaguwar.

    9. "Born Under A Bad Sign" - Moneybrother - Real Control
    Sharing a little something in common with acts like Blitzen Trapper and Dr. Dog, Moneybrother is the soulful pub rock project from Stockholm's Anders Wendin. Wendin has already won a Grammy in Sweden, has his own line of soup, and sells out tours throughout Europe. Neat! The band has an album called Real Control that hits stores this Tuesday!

    10. "Fireweed" - Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms
    A fairly sweet song to end on, this dream song from Canadian songwriter Patrick Watson starts with an indistinct hum of sound, eventually leading to twirl of warm acoustic finger picking, puttering percussive rhythms, and enchanting vocal work.

    *See Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening if you are confused by this series of statements.

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