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    • FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2010

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    Aloha is prepping a new album called Home Acres (the place to be, obviously). Leading man Tony Cavallario took a few minutes to answer our questions about what to expect; "Aloha's catalog is a big arrowhead and Home Acres is the point where everything comes together and makes it a weapon."

    Home Acres, the seventh studio album since the band's inception in 1999, following 2007's all acoustic Light Works EP. According to Cavallario: "Musically, Home Acres and Light Works were written at the same time. We made the decision to expunge seven acoustic-based songs from our pile of demos to make a special EP before we finished the louder songs."

    The album, lyrically speaking, tries to sort through the wreckage of the Great Lakes region.
    "Home Acres is kind of about pulling away life as we know it, starting again. A lot of the lyrics were written in some dark days economically in this country, I just kept imagining what if things kept going down this way? So while I'm not explicitly spelling out a regional demise, I was writing as if the world around me was crumbling. For example "Everything That Goes My Way" is a love song in which the sort of dystopia of their surroundings has been transformed by love and the ability to see potential in the destruction. So they tie their fates together.

    Cavallario also reflects fondly on the band's longevity, with partial disbelief. "We don't really think long term. We operate on an album/tour cycle, one at a time. When I look back it's hard to believe it's been 13 years." In the end, its the motivation to achieve that keeps 'em going: "I think it's the pursuit of doing something great. We always think we can top ourselves so why not try? We have nothing to prove to anyone. The world isn't suddenly going to go crazy for us, we just do what we do."

    Home Acres is out now on Polyvinyl. Catch the band on tour, because as they mentioned to us, "people think we are louder and crazier live." Sounds like the place to be. -joe

    Aloha On Tour:
    Apr 23 - Comtemporary Arts Center - Cincinatti, Ohio
    Apr 24 - Grog Shop - Cleveland, Ohio
    Apr 25 - Brillobox - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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