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    • FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2010

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    Seretonin, the fifth studio album from the Mystery Jets, is due out in July. The five-piece crafted a new sound and played several songs, (including "Flash A Hungry Sound") in a bunch of secret shows across the UK, under the moniker The Crystal Wolf Fighters. Now that new sound is officially seeing the light of day, in the form of a full length album.

    The Mystery Jets are a five-piece band from England, which you could surmise from the slight accented twinge on their vocals. They are infamous for their White Cross Revival Parties on Eel Pie Island, but have slowly been gaining traction as a reputable force in pop-rock, specifically in the UK. Check out the first single (for the price of an email), and see the mystery yourself.-joe

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    MP3: "Flash A Hungry Sound"
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