This Premiere Will Put A Smile On Your Face...You Need A Smile On Your Face
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Kristoffer and the Harbour Heads are a band from Gothenburg Sweden. There sound is fun and experimental; one of those rather inventive, indie pop offerings that's reminiscent of Menomena or Woods.

    Recently the band tossed us the keys to their brand new video for "When You Say Stay". It's a song singer Kristoffer Ragnstam describes as being "lyrically inspired by sucky relations and how easy it is to say one thing, but every bone and muscle in the body feels the opposite." The video itself is appropriately a little stark, but surrealism adds a little emotional color as the story of Maja unfolds.

    Maja is a girl with a whimsical streak, living in some fantastical forest community on the outskirts of a rather downtrodden community. She ventures to that town, greeted by graffiti reading "Welcome To Hell", but determined to turn the blank faces and condescending eyes she encounters on to her good-natured attitude. Does it work? Have a look.

    What's most interesting about this particular piece though is the conditions under which it was created. Yes, it's a song inspired by shitty relationships. But Ragnstam decided to dig a little deeper and make a statement about Europe's ever-worsening refugee crisis. It all stems from one of the song's lyrics: "When you say stay/You mean get out of the way". It's a sentiment that mirrors a lot of people's attitudes towards immigrants on their shores. People say we should take care of the refugees. But when they arrive at the border, many loud, boisterous voices cry, "Get out of my way!"

    So director David Campesino decided to create a video that reflects modern Europe; "with very strong characters. To make it awkward and interesting and at the same time very real-time-reflecting". All of the actors are refugees. The video lead - Maja - herself is a refugee from Lebanon who came to Germany with both her brother and her mother. That's him making an appearance in the video, holding a boombox.

    It's a beautiful story. And let's face it, we're all still a little choked up from losing a legend yesterday. Put a smile on your face and check out this poignant video from Kristoffer and the Harbour Heads. It's sure to make your day.

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