The 1975 Find Their Inner Sad Clown
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    The 1975 just released a music video for I Like It When You Sleep... single (we refuse to type out the rest of the album title on pure principle) "A Change of Heart," and Matt Healy takes centerfold in a bleak, noir duet performance with a female clown in a pristine but colorless carnival. In a cartoonish dance routine, Healy captures tumultuous emotions within the course of the relationship the song portrays, as all the fleeting happy moments get cold and distant.

    It's no surprise that the frontman can bring a dynamic and theatrical presence to the forefront of the powerful and harshly reality-bound track to add a charming caricature that accompanies the bittersweet, poppy sounds.

    Much like the song, the video has a tinge of darkness that gets carried out throughout its course, and the choreography ties in exceptionally well in its simple shades whose color comes from the lights and motions of the dancing alone. The underlying tones of fears about falling in love and the weight that comes with it, through the contrast of carnivals versus the fleeting nature of happiness within the relationship. It's almost as though he took to channeling his inner Charlie Chaplin, combining slapstick dynamism with realities that are tough to face, and like everything the group has done, every element seems to fall into place perfectly.

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