Instant Empire Want To Give You Nightmares
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    It's not every day that I hear the Konami code referenced directly in the lyrics of a band. But the presence of the cheat code that was the only way to make the original Contra beatable for the average player is the least bizarre thing happening in the creepy as hell video for "Dead Air" by Denver alt-rockers Instant Empire which we're premiering today.

    Imagine a world where Frankenstein and Donnie Darko had a schizophrenic baby that hasn't taken its meds in a couple months, and you'll know what to expect from the unsettling but powerful visuals at the core of the video. Paired with the bordering on post-hardcore guitar work and vocals of the act, the video crawls under your skin and stays there. Now, I just hope there isn't a creepy man in a bunny mask holding a hatchet waiting for me.

    "Dead Air" was produced by Chris Tyng for the Grow Music Project and mixed by Jonathan Low (The War On Drugs). The band's new album, Lamplight Lost, which was produced by Jonathan Low and John Vanderslice (Death Cab For Cutie) will be coming out on June 23rd so get excited.

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