dom cover gaga's
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    "Lady Gaga is Italian and the accordion is an Italian instrument". Based on this profound connection, Massachusetts band Dom decided put together a live cover of Gaga's song, "Alejandro", backed by your pasta primavera's favorite mealtime musical accompaniment. The final product is actually not as bizarre as it sounds; the unique twist is in fact intriguingly catchy in this stripped down state. It appears that full alien transformations, egg capsules, and pulsating pop beats are not completely necessary to enjoy a Gaga song, as is witnessed through Dom's quirky interpretation of "Alejandro" using only the accordion, a tambourine, acoustic guitar, and one falsetto-loving lead singer.

    Take a look at the video below to watch the last-name-less Dom get into character during this performance of "Alejandro", awkwardly suggestive spoken intro included.

    Dom are currently on tour to promote the re-release of their debut EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods.

    Check out a mixtape they curated for us over here.

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