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    • THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 2010

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    "Attack Music", an already fairly aggressive track from Hidden, gets the remix treatment from two artists; new Ninja Tune signing PRDCTV, and Herve (aka The Count from The Count and Sinden). These New Puritans have quite of bit of intensity infused into their noir-rock, and the remixes seem to effectively preserve their fervor (with a few unique twists).

    The Herve mix leans heavily towards house and serious club-banging with a more straightforward backbeat. The PRDCTV version adds some syncopation into the mix. Both maintain the eerie vocal melody. Neither let your ears off the hook. Check them out below, ready to go for your club mix/BBQ/Bar Mitzvah/bedroom. Your choice of dance-off venue. -joe

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    MP3: "Attack Music (Herve Remix)"
    MP3: "Attack Music (PRDCTV Remix)"
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