DIIV And Cat Power Are A Natural Pairing
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    In an age where the straight up rock band is an increasingly rare breed (we have great rock acts, but with the exception of The War on Drugs and TV on the Radio, our most notable "rock" bands are often something entirely different), DIIV have been the torch-bearers for their shoegaze-cum-dream rock fusion for a while now, and this year's Is The Is Are was another excellent notch in their triumphant rock revivalism.

    The NY post-punkers took their act to Sirius radio for a gorgeous acoustic version of Is The Is Are's "Under the Sun" as well as a cover of Cat Power's "Nude as the News" (talk about a great songn title). DIIV may seem like an unexpected band to cover Cat Power, but Zachary Cole Smith's voice is more piercing than folks give him credit for and their understated spin on a Cat Power standard is nearly as beautiful as their own work.

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